How to organise an unforgettable summer party that engages all senses

The summer season is here and what better way to celebrate than hosting an outdoor party that awakens all your senses with beautiful décor, a fantastic location, great music, delicious food, and comfortable furniture? Below are some tips that will help you organise a sensory-filled summer party that ignites all your senses and those of your guests.

Sight: décor and a beautiful location

A well-decorated venue in a beautiful location will create the perfect ambience for your summer party.

Summer parties are popular at RCP London Events, particularly as we have such a beautiful outdoor space which is uncommon for venues in central London. Our Medicinal Garden is the ideal location for creative summer events, receptions and al fresco dining. In 2022, we even won gold for ‘Best Venue with Outdoor Space’ at the London Venue and Catering Awards, which testifies to the uniqueness of this multifunctional, idyllic space.

Summer events in our garden come equipped with lovely décor that will allow you to fully enjoy its beauty and long, warm summer nights, such as rugs and picnic blankets with cushions, benches, fairy lights and solar night torches to add a creative, suggestive element. Entertainment and additional lighting or decorations are also available to create a memorable experience that will ignite all senses.

Sound: entertainment, music, and the sound of nature 

Summer events venue, garden hire at RCP London Events

Live music, a band or a DJ are great options for keeping your guests entertained at a summer party.

Our garden patio area and adjacent event spaces are the perfect locations to set up a stage for a band to play soft background music while your guests enjoy delicious food and drinks.

You can also create a playlist to reproduce via PA system or go all out by hiring a dancefloor and DJ for our Platt Room! If you are in need of inspiration, the team at RCP London Events can provide a list of carefully curated entertainment suppliers.

Or alternatively, if you are hosting your event in a natural setting, take advantage of the calming sound of nature. Our Medicinal Garden has been beautifully designed and is a wonderfully calm space away from the hustle and bustle of the city,  where you really can immerse yourself in nature. 

Taste: catering and summer packages

Food is an important element of a summer party and culinary excellence should be a top priority to delight everyone’s taste buds. 

In collaboration with our catering partner Company of Cooks (part of CH&Co Group), we have created three fabulous summer party packages to entertain and inspire your delegates.

Each package comes with a vast range of plant-based, vegetarian and vegan options as well as dishes prepared with sustainable meat and fish:

  • Pizza Party Package - including up to 3 hours of delicious, freshly-prepared pizzas, unlimited drinks and ice cream
  • BBQ party package - with vegan, vegetarian and classic sizzling items from the grill, BBQ sides, puddings and unlimited drinks
  • Interactive street food stalls - providing your guests with the opportunity to taste our reinterpretation of popular street food classics from all around the world, and adding an element of interaction with our chefs

Our summer packages are available from April to September, and can be updated with one of our premium drinks packages: Silver upgrade, Gold upgrade or Sustainable upgrade. Each package comes with premium wines. The Sustainable drinks package includes sustainable wines, our supplier TOAST’s planet-saving beers, sustainable soft drinks and eco-friendly nibbles.

Summer events venue, garden hire at RCP London Events, sustainable catering packages

Smell: flowers 

Stimulate your guests' olfactory senses by creating an environment that smells amazing. Our garden boasts a unique and bespoke collection of over 1,000 plants, herbs and flowers that offer living examples of the history of medicine from the era of the pyramids of Egypt to today’s life-saving prescription drugs, all of which add a fantastic aroma to your event. 

Touch: furniture and grass 

Make your guests feel comfortable throughout your party. Provide ample seating arrangements that are comfortable, durable, and visually appealing.

This year, to ensure your and your guests’ maximum comfort, we have enhanced our garden offer by introducing new summer furniture such as:

  • garden benches with new creative cushions;
  • patio tables and chairs for comfortable seating;
  • colourful rugs and blankets to relax.

Organising a summer party that ignites all senses is all about creativity, attention to detail, and understanding your guests' preferences. By incorporating elements that appeal to sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, you're sure to create a memorable and delightful experience for everyone at your party.

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