Celebrating culinary heritage: a journey of passion and innovation

In honour of Black History Month, RCP London Events is proud to highlight the incredible stories of the talented black individuals who contribute their creativity and expertise to our venue.

Among these exceptional individuals is a remarkable chef whose culinary journey embodies a fusion of heritage and innovation, creating a unique dining experience that celebrates both British and Caribbean flavours. Let's delve into the inspiring narrative of Candy Clarke, whose love for cooking was nurtured from a young age, leading to a remarkable career and a vision for the future.

A journey of love and inspiration

Black History Month at RCP London Events, Candy Clarke

From early childhood, Candy developed a profound love for the art of cooking, inspired by the comforting and wholesome meals prepared by her grandmother. Growing up with a single-parent father further fueled her passion for experimenting with various flavours and techniques, transforming mealtime into a joyful exploration of culinary possibilities.

Reflecting on those cherished moments, Candy recalls the warmth and artistry that infused every dish, igniting a desire to share that same sense of comfort and satisfaction with others.

A path to culinary excellence

Candy has embarked on a dynamic culinary journey, immersing herself in diverse kitchen environments and collaborating with esteemed chefs across various cuisines. With a formal education in the culinary arts from college, she steadily honed her skills and expertise, progressing through the ranks to her current position at RCP London Events. Through dedication and hard work, Candy has carved a distinctive niche for herself, bringing a unique blend of flavours and influences to the table.

A flair for excellence and assertiveness

Candy holds a firm belief in delivering dishes of the highest quality. Passionate about maintaining her creative vision, she ensures that every plate leaving the kitchen embodies meticulous standards, promising an unforgettable dining experience for every guest.

A legacy of flavours and love

When asked about her greatest culinary influence, Candy fondly recalls her grandmother's timeless wisdom, emphasising the significance of using fresh, authentic ingredients to unlock the full potential of Caribbean flavors. Infused with an abundance of love and a deep understanding of traditional cooking techniques, her grandmother's legacy continues to inspire Candy's culinary creations, infusing every dish with a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and heartfelt devotion.

Black History Month at RCP London Events, Candy Clarke

A vision for the future

Looking ahead, Candy envisions a culinary venture that celebrates the richness of Black British cuisine, merging the vibrancy of Caribbean flavours with the sophistication of British culinary techniques.

With a profound desire to establish her own business, she aspires to create an elegant and refined dining experience, spotlighting the beauty of diverse ingredients and methods that pay homage to her heritage while embracing innovation and creativity.

In celebrating Black History Month, we honor the extraordinary contributions of chefs like Candy. RCP London Events proudly supports and values the diverse voices and talents that shape our vibrant culinary team.

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