Case Study: Radio Academy Festival 2023 at RCP London Events

Event overview

In September 2023, the Radio Academy, a charity that promotes excellence in audio content and supports professionals across various backgrounds and regions in the industry, hosted its annual festival for the second time at RCP London Events. The event brought together industry professionals and enthusiasts to celebrate the power of audio and explore the theme of ‘Sound Connections’.

Venue selection

The decision to host The Radio Academy Festival at RCP London Events for the second year was driven by several key factors. The venue's unique alignment with the event's theme was one of them. 

Aradhna Tayal Leach, the new MD of the Radio Academy, highlighted the connection between audio, meaningful connections and better health and wellbeing, which resonated with the venue's ambiance. Additionally, the venue offered a spacious, modern environment with ample areas for networking, technology showcase, and a central yet peaceful location by Regent’s Park.

Enhancing the festival experience

Key aspects of the venue that enhanced the festival experience for attendees included spacious open areas that facilitated movement between stages and breakout areas. This layout encouraged spontaneous connections among participants. The venue's garden provided a delightful setting for the Festival Party, and the quality of food, particularly the pizzas, were a highlight.

"“We believe there is a synergy between the power of audio to make meaningful connections and better health and wellbeing, which sits comfortably with being hosted at RCP London Events. On a more practical note, the venue offers a light and spacious home for the Festival, with plenty of areas for people to meet and connect, modern facilities which enable us to showcase the best of audio and technology, and very central yet peacefullocation by the park.”"
Aradhna Tayal Leach, the new MD of the Radio Academy

Innovation and evolution

The festival celebrated the rich history of the Radio Academy, which marked its 40th anniversary in 2023. It also highlighted the rapid evolution of the audio industry, with discussions on emerging technologies like AI, advanced data insights, new content creation platforms, and expanding opportunities within the audio industry.

Diversity and equity

Aradhna Tayal Leach emphasized the Radio Academy's commitment to diversity, equity and opening access across the audio industry. The festival aimed to provide opportunities for skills development and networking across all backgrounds, regions, and expertise levels, aligning with the Radio Academy's mission.

Fostering networking and collaboration

The festival's ethos revolved around open discussion and connection. Multiple stages and sessions inspired conversations, with intentional space provided for delegates to interact and exchange ideas. 

Dedicated networking opportunities, including meet and greets, coffee breaks, and the Festival Party, encouraged collaboration and relationship-building.

The festival was designed to explore the theme comprehensively. Attendees engaged in discussions about connecting with each other, building deeper connections with audiences and the profound impact of audio in forging connections in society.

Wellbeing at the event

Attendee wellbeing was a priority at The Radio Academy Festival and a key reason why RCP London Events was chosen was its synergy between the power of audio to make meaningful connections and better health and wellbeing.

Special sessions addressed self-care, team support during challenging stories and breaking myths about "hard to reach" communities. The festival provided a quiet room, seating options and ensured accessibility for all participants, including neurodivergent individuals and those with disabilities.

Water stations and refreshments were available and a fully staffed registration desk provided support throughout the event.


The Radio Academy Festival 2023 at RCP London Events successfully celebrated the audio industry, promoted connections, supported diversity, and prioritised attendee wellbeing. 

The venue's modern facilities and adaptable spaces created an ideal backdrop for this dynamic event and its central location ensured accessibility. The festival's dedication to innovation and inclusivity continues to drive positive change within the audio industry.

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