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Its about to catch on - Royal College of Physicians offers latest innovative event AV solution

In an exciting new development, we now offer event planners the opportunity to deepen engagement with the audiences or delegates by using a Catchbox, the world’s first throwable microphone.

We have two Catchbox devices, a fun alternative to the traditional hand held microphone, for use at events. Catchbox is the world’s first soft, wireless microphone that delegates can throw and catch to kick-start a discussion.

Whether a conference, lecture, workshop, teambuilding session, management meeting or even a conference call, Catchbox is designed to spark spontaneous conversations and quickly break the ice.

This just goes to show that despite celebrating our 500th birthday this year we are certainly not looking backwards. We already offer state of the art audio-visual services, but the Catchbox allows us to really integrate technology with the audience experience to deliver even richer and deeper engagement.

You can even opt to have their Catchbox branded specifically for their event. Contact us to arrange your show around and plan your next event featuring a catch box.