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Case Study - Mediatel Connected TV World Summit goes virtual at the Royal College of Physicians during Coronavirus epidemic

The Event

The Connected TV World Summit is a thought leadership event for the future of TV. Organised By Mediatel, the event covers the business models, ecosystem relationships services and technology that will define the next decade of TV and how media companies can triumph in the new world order that has emerged out of post-convergence disruption. Over 500 delegates attend the three-day event to learn from people who are pioneering new strategies about how leading service providers maintain their relevance with the modern consumer, broaden the appeal of TV, exploit new markets and build new revenue streams. The summit consists of a series of keynote sessions, private functions and networking events, workshops and forums.

The Challenge 

The Connected TV World Summit 10th Anniversary event was scheduled to take place at the Royal College of Physicians in London on 18th March 2020. However, the worldwide global Coronavirus pandemic had taken hold and one week before the event, lockdowns were already in place in some countries and other countries were imposing restrictions on travelling and attending events. Because of these restrictions many delegates were unable to attend.

The Solution 

Following Government guidelines and speaking to both sponsors and delegates, organisers took the decision to postpone the main event until later in the year. However, because of RCP’s advanced virtual conferencing capabilities the teams worked together to come up with a practical solution that would work for everyone in the interim and to hold the event digitally for 200 people. Prior to the social distancing measures being introduced some of the event’s content was pre-recorded at the venue and the remaining sessions were recorded online with speakers across the world. 

The Result 

The speakers, sponsors and delegates were hugely supportive of the decision to turn the event digital considering the short lead time. Finding a solution to recording as well as distributing the digital content was a big logistical challenge for the team, but RCP was able to ensure the content was of excellent quality and delivered expertly.

Turning the event digital meant losing the networking element so it was important to have as much social interaction online as possible through social media allowing delegates to ask speaker questions and engage with the content.

The event was a huge success and received great support and positive feedback from delegates praising Mediatel’s ability to turn the event digital in such a short space of time, its communications to attendees, adapting during a challenging time for the events industry and delivering fantastic content.

Due to the success of the first digital event at RCP, Mediatel has since confirmed eight further digital events at the venue in the next 16 weeks. 

“The experience has shown that we are more than capable of holding digital events, which prior to March were a completely new concept for us as a team.” Mediatel’s Events Manager, Alice Crocker