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£100,000 boost for the RCP's Seligman theatre and AV Capability

The Royal College of Physicians has completed a £100,000 investment in enhancing its Seligman Theatre and creating an advanced technical infrastructure linking its key event spaces.  

The Seligman, the more compact sister of the RCP’s Wolfson Theatre, is a tiered auditorium with 140 fixed seats, and a flat platform for wheelchair users. The investment sees new seats with higher backrests for greater comfort and easier access, each now equipped with integrated folding writing tablets in the armrests. The stage area at the front of the auditorium has a completely new wooden floor, and there is new carpeting throughout the theatre.  All the walls have been re-rendered.

Much consideration has has been given to a new colour scheme, to give a warmer feeling to the theatre. The new seats are dark purple, and the carpeting is mushroom.

The Seligman also benefits from a radical re-imagination of the cabling infrastructure within the RCP as a whole. There are now a significant number of DMX and HDMI links between the control booth and the stage, as well as increased BNC, XLR, Speakon and CAT6 links throughout the space. Overall, the new infrastructure significantly increases the RCP’s ability to link the Seligman, the Wolfson and other key event spaces such as its Dorchester Library, Council Chamber and Osler Room.  “Our clients are becoming progressively more demanding in terms of technology, and the new cabling system will enable us to offer them even more creative and flexible use of our key spaces,” explained Clive Oster, RCP’s General Manager, Marketing & Facilities, “The Seligman specifically is now an ideal option for events with elements of filming, streaming and interactivity.”

Both the Seligman and the Wolfson can now offer HD videoconferencing and projection, audio recording facilities WiFI, cabled internet access and options for projecting branding. The installation of all new facilities took place in the summer and December business shutdowns.  

The RCP has also launched the latest in its series of medical displays, which are a popular break-time diversion for conference and meeting delegates, and are located in the venue’s Marble Hall and Treasures Room. Delegates can now see the only chest of 17th century surgical instruments to be on display anywhere in the UK. Left to the College by a former President, the chest holds instruments for such activities as obstetrics, trepanation, amputation and bullet extraction. It recently came back from a two year loan to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.