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The PCP has recently carried out extensive work to make the RCP’s Grade 1 listed building as accessible as possible to everyone, including visitors with physical, sensory and other disabilities.

College staff are at hand to assist you in any way if required. If you have further queries, would like to arrange a visit or discuss any special requirements, please contact the reception to talk to the RCP Bedell.

  • RCP switchboard number: +44 (0)20 7935 1174

Car parking

Disabled persons are very welcome to park their vehicles in the RCP car park. Please notify us in advance and a space will be allocated. Please also let us know if you require any assistance on your arrival at the College.

The car park is at the front of the College. To enter you must press the intercom button at the barrier to alert the reception desk of your arrival, who will then raise the barrier to allow you entry.

There are two designated parking bays just to the right of the car park as you enter.

Accessible entrance into the building

The lift platform to enter the building is to the left of the entrance. Please follow the black rails to access the lift platform. There are controls located on the top rail to the left of the lift. Instruction on how to use the platform lift are clearly marked inside the lift.

At the door entrance to the College is an automatic door opening inwards, allowing you direct access to reception and an internal lift platform.

Accessing different levels in the building

As you enter via the front entrance of the main building you are on the reception level and have access to:

  • Reception
  • A glass internal lift platform
  • The Wolfson theatre wheelchair booths which are situated to the left and right of the Wolfson theatre entrance.

There are six different levels in the College and can be accessed either by using the glass platform lift, or the front service lifts. Please note that all lifts at the College are compliant with tactile call buttons and an audible announcement of the level reached.

  • Cloakroom level: Access to public toilets and showers, disabled unisex toilets, cloakroom and Wolfson theatre platform lift for access onto Wolfson stage ( this is access for wheelchair speakers or chairpersons)
  • Lower Hall: Access to Seligman theatre, Silver room, Platt room, Thomas Cotton room and the Fellows Buttery
  • Reception level: Access to reception desk Wolfson theatre Main entrance, Wolfson theatre wheelchair booths
  • Ground Floor: Access to the Sloane Room, Linacre Room, College Officers corridor, Council Chamber and the Censor’s Room.
  • First Floor: Access to the Dorchester Library and the Osler & Long Room
  • Second Floor: Access to the Willan Room, Heberden Room, Dorchester Library Gallery and the Wellcome Library.

Wheelchair access into the Seligman Theatre

Delegates or members of the audience enter the Seligman Theatre on the Lower Ground Floor. There is ample space at the rear of the Seligman Theatre for numerous wheelchair users.

If you are a speaker or a chair-person using the Seligman Theatre and need to be on the stage, you will be advised to park your car in the rear staff car park, which is entered from Albany Street.

The entrance into the building will be opened for you and the wheelchair lift will be left in position. The lift will take you down to the lower level Seligman stage area. (Note: There will be a member of staff in attendance to assist you in the operation of this lift.)

Wheelchair access into the Jerwood Centre

There is wheelchair access to Jerwood Centre through Peto Place. There is a lift to the education rooms in the basement of the Centre.

Hearing assistance systems

Please note that we have induction loops in the following rooms:

  • Wolfson Theatre
  • Seligman Theatre
  • Council Chamber
  • Osler Room

In the following rooms we use a portable system:

  • Linacre Room
  • Sloane Room
  • Willan Room
  • Heberden Room

A portable induction loop can be installed in any room in the Jerwood Centre.


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